Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Life Essentials: A Relationship With God

     The topic of religion is a very controversial subject, and rightfully so, due to the fact that the existence of religion isn't necessarily a known fact.  Besides what we feel within our souls, the only source of validation that there is a God is found in ancient texts whose authors we know nothing of.  The Bible, for example is a sacred text that we respect dearly and use as a manual to life, however, do we even know who wrote it? What did this author look like? Or better yet, what credentials does this author have?  What reason do we have to believe in what he says? With all these uncertainties, I am here to assure you that choosing to follow in the path of God is a decision that will by all means not create any negative results in your life.
     Religion, in the general context, is an advocate of positivity.  From the Ten Commandments to the various Suras, religion promotes human relation skills that should be practiced one way or another regardless of religious affiliation.  It is common sense to honor thy father and thy mother, it is in your own best interest to not steal, or to not kill, it is common courtesy to not covet thy neighbor's goods, etc. Religion, ie. a relationship with God, is merely a guideline to lead you in the right direction in life.  As far as i'm concerned, religion, and not laws, is the best measure of what's right and what's wrong.  With that being said, being religious has no negative repercussions.  You have nothing to lose when you develop a relationship with God.
     One might say, "Why waste your time being religious if the God that we worship might turn out to be non-existent?"  Religious faith is something that can't be taught, you either believe it, or you simply don't.  What I can, however, say  is that even IF there isn't a God, you have nothing to lose by choosing to be religious. Doing good is bound to lift your self esteem and ultimately make you a happier person.  I don't know about you, but I'd rather live a positive life led by religion, even if it leads to nothing in the end, than live a life frowned upon by God and risk being denied access to eternal life when he proves that he does indeed exist.  Like I've reiterated several times, you have nothing to lose, and like the old British idiom said, it is better to be safe than sorry.

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