Tuesday, February 28, 2012

5 Keys to a Healthy Relationship

1) Communicate Effectively 
As with any form of interaction that involves more than one person, effective communication is very important.  It is important to be able to share your feelings and opinions with your partner in a manner that will not create chaos.  Being an effective listener is essential to effective communication.  Be the shoulder to lean on when your partner has had a rough day and needs someone to vent to, be the one they can always count on to understand them when no one does, and lastly be the one they can always count on to have their back.
2) Embrace the Similarities yet Respect the Differences
Most couples are bound together by a list of things that they usually have in common.  Be it interests, views, hobbies, etc, these similarities play a big part in why two people decide to form a union.  As time goes by however, you may start to notice the differences among the two.  Instead of demanding your partner to change their ways or leaving the relationship, accept them for their opposing views/actions, and respect it.  After all, God made us all unique human beings.  Besides, what fun would it be to date someone with identical qualities as you?
3) Compromise
The art of compromising is a necessity whenever different views come together.  Take for example deciding upon where to go for dinner; if your partner wants to go to a fancy restaurant that specializes in steaks yet you want to go to a cheaper more convenient spot that has great seafood, what do you do?  You compromise.  You may have to give up some elements of your stance, perhaps broaden your range from just seafood to a restaurant with all types of foods.  In some instances, it's okay to sacrifice your desires for your partner, as long as you know that they will one day return the favor.  Compromising presents a win-win situation, even if the results don't come up immediately.
4) Have a Healthy Sex Life
This view might be a bit controversial and might differ from person to person based on religious views, age, etc, however engaging in sexual activities of any sort have been proven to relieve tension that may otherwise cause unnecessary arguments.  I'm not saying that a relationship should be a hump fest where one is only "in it to get it" however, it is a proven fact that a healthy sex life relieves stress and makes an individual happier.  If the couple is yet to engage in any sort of sexual relations, then I advice to by all means wait till marriage, however, if both individuals have been sexually active in one form or another in the past, they are bound to have needs, therefore those needs should be taken care of to avoid unnecessary tension.
5) Don't Give Up on Each Other
Break ups today occur far too often and are by many means unnecessary.  Many couples find themselves leaving the relationship as opposed to working on the relationship whenever times get hard.  In my opinion, obstacles are just another way to strengthen a relationship as long as they are overcome.  Walking away from the situation will not solve it, therefore don't give up on your partner whenever the going gets tough.  Work with one other, provide support, and save the relationship, for love is hard to find.

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