Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Smart Phone Age, No need for Computers

Before the invention of the iPhone, or even the blackberry, computers were the only source of communication that existed beyond phone calls or even texting. Today, the only function of a computer that cannot be achieved on a smart phone is writing papers, or anything that involves Microsoft word, power point, etc.  To some extent, the computer isn't even needed anymore! Computers were once the best friend of a student, however; considering the fact that most assignments today are done online, and do not require being written and printed, who needs a computer anymore?  Compared to a smart phone, a computer, be it a lap top or a desk top, is too heavy, usually overpriced, a burden to carry, and simply unnecessary. It is safe to say that in this day and age, the need for computers is diminishing, and with the continuous progress in technology, computers are bound to become extinct.  With gadgets such as the iPhone, the iPad, Droid, etc, taking over and not only completing the tasks of an old fashioned computer but exceeding them, the need for these objects that were once considered cool will be eliminated.  It's safe to say that children of the next generation will one day look at our lap tops and laugh at us, as we once did about typewriters.

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