Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Power of Love

By: Kwame Awuah

There definitely isn’t a shortage in songs, quotes, articles, etc. on the internet about love.  The fact that there is so much written about it, that even the young and the old have a lot to say about it alone proves that the effect that love or being in love with a person can have on an individual cannot be denied. Whether it is a positive or negative effect depends on the people involved and their situation. I am not here to solve people’s relationship problems or say that by believing in love, everything will be okay; nor am I writing to clarify the difference between loving someone and being in love. I am definitely not writing to tell you who to love, how to love, and how to know you’re in love, as I believe those depend on each person and the circumstance. All I am writing about is the power of love and what it can do to a person.
             Love is an amazing feeling. It is actually critical for our mind and body and in my opinion may be just as important as oxygen. I do believe that love is the most powerful antidepressant there is in this world. When a person finds himself or herself in love with someone, his or her world changes completely. It’s that deep care that you start having for another person that you thought was never possible. It's when you wake up in the morning, this person is the first person you think about. Love is when you go about your day planning how you can make this person happier. It is when your day makes you feel miserable but hearing this person’s voice or seeing them just heals the wounds of the day. Love is when you can look at someone doing the silliest things and still think it is cute. It is when you feel your day isn’t complete when you haven’t heard from them all day. Love is when under the most difficult circumstances, you and her still make things possible. It is when you are texting her and you already know what her response is going to be and she already knows yours. Love is when you think something and she has already thought it. Love is when you wish you dream about them when you go to sleep because your dreams with her are better than reality. It is when wherever you are, wherever you go you wonder where you are in your relationship with her. Love is when you make up perfect scenarios in your head about your conversations, a possible future…

            Love is when you have known someone for years and never once had this feeling about him or her. But then one day it all changes. One day you just decide to let them know your sudden change in emotion about them. Love is when you tell them your feelings; you’re just holding your breath to hear that they feel the same about you. When she is having a bad day, you’re willing to put everything aside to make sure she is okay and goes to sleep with a smile. Love is when you are willing to wait however long you need to, to make that person a part of your life. For some of us, this all sounds cheesy and maybe a bit silly, but it is possible. That person may be far away or really close. We may see that person everyday or maybe we have never met this person. For some of us maybe this person disliked us from the beginning and they finally changed to love us back. That love that you get back from that person may be one of the better feelings in this world.


  1. So are you talking from experience? That is some deep stuff. Or is this about someone in your life?

  2. Yeah. It sound like u r talkin about someone specific & not just love in general.