Sunday, April 22, 2012

Steve Nash Chronicles: The Perfect Fit

     Rumor has it that Steve Nash is most likely going to be on the way out of Phoenix before the start of next season.  The two time former MVP despite his loyalty to the Phoenix Suns has made it clear that he plans on going elsewhere unless the Suns improve vastly.  With the chances of the Suns vastly improving being rather slim, the question of "where to" arises.  Most people assume that Steve will join a title contender in hopes of finishing his career with that illusive championship ring.  I however believe that Steve, though probably too old to be the star of a team, still has a lot of game left and shouldn't settle for a small role on an already elite team. With that being said, I believe that Steve Nash will be taking his talents to a somewhat mediocre team and creating Magic with them (hint hint).
     Throughout his career, Steve Nash has established himself as arguably the best pick and roll point guard the league has seen since perhaps John Stockton.  His exceptional court vision, along with his adept shooting touch puts the defense at a disadvantage regardless of how they may chose to defend the pick and roll.  This ability ultimately transformed the Phoenix Suns into a championship contender after several years of failing to make the playoffs.  Obviously this dream was short lived, as that team was dispersed after a few failed experiments, however I believe that Steve Nash could re-live this dream if he decided to become a member of the Orlando Magic.
     The Orlando Magic is a perfect fit for Steve Nash for many reasons.  First off, the presence of Dwight Howard immediately makes the team a piece or two away from contending.  Howard, who is a much more dominant force than Amar'e Stoudamire was in Phoenix, will provide Steve Nash with a perfect pick and roll partner.  His mobility and ability to finish around the rim ferociously will be a gift to Steve Nash, as he will have met a Blake Griffin to compliment his Chris Paul.  As we all know, Dwight still has a long way to go in terms of becoming a prolific scorer in this league; I believe that Steve Nash could make this transition much easier for Howard by giving him many easy shots to boost his scoring average and ultimately his confidence.  As I mentioned earlier, Steve will not be in Orlando to become "the guy" but rather just a guy with enough abilities to make the Magic a contender.
     Another big reason why the Magic will be a good fit for Steve Nash is the fact that he will be surrounded by a variety of shooters.  It's no secret that the Magic are highly dependent on the three point shot; the addition of Steve Nash will make it much easier to get high percentage shots from three, due to his pick and roll abilities.  Ryan Anderson, JJ Reddick, Q-Richardson and Jason Richardson (both ex teammates of Steve back in Phoenix) are bound to make a living from the three point line if this move is to be made.  Despite the success that these players currently enjoy from long range, it's nothing close to what they will experience if Steve Nash was to become the commander-in-chief of the Magic attack.
     Finally, Steve Nash should become a member of the Orlando Magic due to the possibility of being reunited with the man who orchestrated the offense that made Steve a back-to-back MVP: Mike D'Antoni. It is a well known fact that Stan Van Gundy will not return to the Orlando Magic next season, which opens up a coaching vacancy that could very well be filled by Mike D'Antoni.  If Steve Nash was to become a member of the Magic organization, that would increase the chance of D'Antoni following in the same path.  This would benefit D'Antoni himself, Steve Nash, Dwight Howard, and the entire Magic franchise.  Overall, the addition of Steve Nash could be the change that may bring a championship to the city of Orlando.  It is bound to be the perfect fit, out of all other possible options, given the circumstances listed.

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